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    Different  software

      Hello, I am from Russia! I apologize for the poor knowledge of English.

      Unfortunately there is not McAfee support community in the Russian-language service.

      Once I studied the information about the uninstaller program. I am particularly interested in the program McAfee uninstaller. Unfortunately there is not this program in the list of products presented here.

      I will be talked about the future of this program? Does McAfee continues to work in this direction? Are the updates available for it? Does work is continue to improve it?

      I ask these questions, to find out is there any sense to use this program today?


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          The correct way to uninstall McAfee is to use Control Panel > Programs first, that way the user's account will be decremented by 1 machine.


          Then use the Removal Tool (MCPR) if necessary.  It is listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.


          Then reboot to complete the process.


          If removal isn't successful run it a second time.


          The removal tool has to be freshly downloaded each time you use it as it is updated frequently.


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            By the way you can obtain Russian language support by clicking the 'My Country is not listed' link on any support page.




            Russia 8 10 800 221 01044                                                               




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              Maybe I didn't present the question absolutely clear.

              I do not want to get rid of products McAfee!

              I'm interested in the program "McAfee Uninstaller"!

              This program has the same function as the standart program "Add \ Remove Programs" Windows. But it is more functional!

              For example, a link to the program:



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                I have no idea as it doesn't appear to be a McAfee product and I would not recommend using 3rd party uninstallers when the makers of software do their own uninstallers.

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                  Maybe you will tell me how can I get information about this product on the official site of McAfee?

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                    You can't as it isn't a McAfee tool.  You would have to ask Yahoo Downloads for the details.   It's obviously some kind of registry cleaner which we most certainly do NOT recommend, an expensive one at that at $19.95, and not even compatible with modern operating systems (XP maximum - released in 2002).

                    If I were you I would forget about it.


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                      I checked the details of the download...it's a tool put out by AVG over 10 years ago, probably to remove other security software from systems before installing their own.   I am sure they have long since replaced it with something a little more modern.

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                        I have found some information about this program.


                        This program is really McAfee product. Replaced by McAfee QuickClean program.

                        Previously McAfee QuickClean was not part of the anti-virus, but independent program.

                        Unlike QuickClean as part of antivirus software, independent Mcafee QuickClean has some additional functions for example the ability to delete unnecessary applications.

                        I have found the description of version 6.1 of this program, released in 2006, but I couldn't to find where the program I can download and buy.


                        I would like to know does the work on this separate product McAfee continue? Technical support, upgrades, etc.? Is it possibility to buy it?

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                          That was years ago and no it will never again be a separate product.


                          I don't recommend using software that old.

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