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    My Computer is at Risk Notification... What's going on?

      Alright so last night i started getting a pop up from McAfee that my computer was at risk after i updated it. I then kept trying to update it and after it said that my computer was secure (no action required) it still went back to the "Your computer is at risk!" and told me to get support. I must say that i am truly aggrivated by McAfee's product. How on Earth can i not be able to update my software program. I remember getting rid of a Trojan that i had on my computer with McAfee, but it seems to be usless in defending itself against boggin down. This is not the first time that this has happened. I checked my status and my firewall is on, and everything else is on except my automatic updates says that updates are available and that i still need to update the software. Why does it say even as i turn my computer on that it is not updated even when i updated it? How is it possible that i paid for this product and it is such an utter fail when solving my problem? I did a Mc Afee scan last night and that automatically made it say that my computer was at risk because it wasn't updated. I want to speak to customer service about this but there is no number that i can see that i can call.


      There should NEVER be huge issues like these with paid software nor should the product have a hard time updating. This is so frustrating and distrurbing on all levels. I have had other software programs that never gave me this type of issue. McAfee needs to step their game up.