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    Not all policies being applied on servers?

      I am using the latest EPO, agent, VS, HIPS, etc. patches.


      I have a special On-Access Default Processes policy setup for each server that is using DFS.


      I decided to go ahead and make another policy for the servers for exclusions listed in the EPO 4.6.0 best practices document.


      But, my new policy is not being applied to the servers.


      Is only one custom policy (or one policy period) able to be applied for each type of policy?


      It doesn't make any sense.


      I even tried making a policy assignment rule to try to force the new policy to be applied.. still nothing.


      I have made sure that the overide client policies box is not checked in the policy.


      This seems like it should work, btu after doing multiple searches, I have not been able to find anything stating whether or not it will or will not work.


      This problem only seems to affect servers. Clients seems to be able to combine the policies as expected.


      Both servers and clients are Windows based. Servers are Windows Server Standard 2008 and 2008 R2. Clients are mostly Windows 7 Enterprise x64, with some being 32-bit.

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          I really hope someone proofs me wrong, but I have not been able to apply more than 1 "Defaul Processes" policy to a system (workstation or server).


          I have applied a basic policy to My Organization and use policy assignment rules based on tags and the location in the system tree to apply a specific policy (which overrides the basic policy). I have the override client exclusions setting enabled.