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    What to use instead of port 80?

      I am trying to install EPO 4.6 and it says port 80 is already in use - probably by IIS.

      What port should I use instead?  I'm not an expert in ports.  Can I just try, say, 89 which appears to be free or am I better to pick something from the typically unalloacted range say 62011?


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          What ever is free really within reason


          My Epo server runs Forefront TMG (ISA Server) as well so i couldn't use 80 or 8080 etc


          So mine are set as


          Agent-to-server communication port: 9080
          Agent-to-server communication secure port: Enabled on port 9443
          Agent wake-up communication port: 8081
          Agent broadcast communication port: 8082
          Console-to-application server communication port: 8443
          Client-to-server authenticated communication port: 8444