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    Integrate Web Gateway to Active Directory



      I need integrate my web gateway to my active directory (WS 2008 R2)


      I dont know to put in the fields:


      McAfee Web Gateway account name

      Configured Domain Controller(S), comma separated:


      Other Question;


      Use NTLM version 2? Can you explain about this?



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          Great question!

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            Jon Scholten

            This should be pretty straight foreward, but see attached screenshot.



            NTLMv2 just has to do with the version of NTLM your domain requires, if you're using a 2008 domain, it will require this by default.


            For the domain you should enter the NETBIOS name of your domain (not in the format of domain.tld).


            The account name is the name of the Web Gateway that you want to appear in Active directory. Web Gateway will create this account, you should not attempt to do so ahead of time. This should be unique for each appliance that you join to the domain.


            For the DC, you should just specify the fully quallified domain name of your domain controller. If you have problems with DNS, make sure the Web Gateway can resolve the fqdn of your DC. This can be checked under Troubleshooting > Network Tools > nslookup.




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              Hi can you tell how does the webgateway aquires the details of the users?

              can you tell how to configure it so that it will seamlessly take the users information on whether he has logged or not without promting to authenticate.


              Thanks in advance

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                Jon Scholten

                Hi Rukmalf,


                I dont 100% understand your question, but MWG is joined to the domain (as shown above) and communicates with the DC over port 445. The MWG will use either proxy authentication, or an authentication server (or other) to obtain credentials from the users. Proxy auth uses a 407, auth server uses a redirect (302) and a 401.


                For more information, read this article I wrote. If you are really interested in the technical details, I included captures of authentications: