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    just one question.

      Am I in the right place? This forum is confusing.  Anyhow - I got MCafee free because I am a att Uverse subscriber- when I run a virus scan I notice it just deletes things automaticaly that it thinks is a virus - this is a BIG no-no for me - cant have a virus scanner that does that -  Any virus scanner I use MUST ask me if its ok to alter a file in any way before taking action - is this possible to set it this way? If not I will still use the firewall, just not the scanner.   thx for help.

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          Yes you are in the right place, however I moved the post to VirusScan for better attention.

          If VirusScan is deleting things it shouldn't be then read here:  https://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016

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            That does not answer my question at all.


            If I have to submit a list of programs that got deleted/altered to Mcafee labs then that means I would have to reinstall all those programs and by that point Mcafee would be deleted from my system.


            I will make it simple:


            When Mcafee detects a virus/malware durring a scan it does the following:


            A) deletes/quarentines the suspected virus/malware automaticaly


            B) a window opens at the end of the scan displaying what the scan found and gives the user a choice as to what to delete/quarentine (like every other virus scanner I have ever used)


            If the answer to the question is A) - then I cant use this software for virus scanning.

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              It's A. except in the case of Possibly Unwanted Programs, i.e. PUP's in which case it asks you first.


              But as it's the exception rather than the rule that it would find anything at all on the average machine, it all depends I guess on what you are putting on your hard drive in the first place.

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                Ya - but its my buisness what I do with my PC, not Mcafees - WareZ,  no/cd hacks etc.....


                But I guess I can't blame mcafee, they want to make the software as easy to use as possible for the average PC user.


                Thx for answering the question.

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                  You're welcome and good luck.


                  If this had been the Enterprise/Business version you would have been able to exempt anything from detection, as used to be the case up to about 7 years ago with the home product.


                  I think the decision was made not only to make things as easy as possible, but also as safe as possible for the average user.


                  Anyway, all the best.