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    6.2 Patch 1 - did anyone else notice this being released?




      I just updated my software center in ePO and it reports that EEPC has a new update for 6.2 patch 1. I dont recall seeing any SNS notifications for this.


      https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=PD23943&actp=search&viewlo cale=en_US&searchid=1347531161734


      seems to fix quite a few issues and bugs, has anyone updated to this yet? whats users experience?


      list of bugs as thats probably what your interested in :-)

      Resolved issues

      Issues from previous releases of the EEPC that have been fixed in this release are listed as follows:

      • BZ756535—Upgrading from 6.1.3 to on e6410 and e6420 with Nvidia Video chipset causes system hang

      after Starting Windows XP Splash screen.

      • BZ756589—Fix Agent version reported in "Network Associates" registry.

      • BZ755860—Added Dell Vostro 1450 to list of machines that require aligned buffers for disk access.

      • BZ751772—Fatal Error: [0xEE020001] Failed to display error message box - on ASUS Eee PC 1215N.

      • BZ751055—BSOD occurs if a USB device is connected after product installation if the workstation is not restarted.• BZ719812—On Certain Fujitsu Machines (S760), when returning from Hibernation the machine hangs after the screen

      'Windows is resuming' with a blinking cursor.

      • BZ730908—Some users are not downloading to the client.

      • BZ755698—Changing from a UBP with Self Recovery On to Self Recovery Off causes performance issues and can prevent

      new users from being correctly initialized.

      • BZ768033—Additional 508 compliance voice over for Pre-Boot.

      • BZ765181—Files are not protected from third party defragmenters in 64-bit operating systems.

      • BZ753728—When SSO is enabled the system Login is delayed by up to 5 minutes.

      • BZ760271—On a Dell Latitude E6410, when using an external keyboard the NumLock LED is always on.

      • BZ767718—PIV token refactored to add self initialization and password change.

      • BZ765928—Significant performance enhancements to the EEMigration UI responsiveness.

      • BZ770015—The EEMigration utility may produce zip files that cannot be opened with WinZIP when used in conjunction

      with Windows 2008 Server edition.

      • BZ771075—The EEMigration utility defaulted to "specify machines to export", the default option is now "specify users to


      • BZ754562—On a HP 8440P laptop when using the RICOH internal card reader, the card reader would fail to recognize

      the token.

      • BZ758674—On a HP 8440P the Siemens CardOS 4.3b token fails to communicate with the internal card reader.

      • BZ739924—After resuming from hibernation if Smart Cards are used to authenticate at Pre-Boot the authentication

      progress bar freezes.

      • BZ771539—Panasonic CF-NX1 fails at Pre-Boot after a warm reboot.

      • BZ773099—During the import of version 5.x.x users and machines the performance is severely impacted.

      • BZ763452—During the import of version 5.x.x users and machines, imports containing more than 100 elements may fail.

      • BZ769612—Samsung Slate 7 tablets do not allow mouse movement at Pre-Boot.

      • BZ774402—Update configuration for PIV to indicate certificate is optional (token now supports self init), and set

      password change support to true.

      • BZ774403—Add Read Username from Token capability to PIV tokens.

      • BZ774404—Add Read Username from Token capability to CAC token.

      • BZ777604—When using EEMigration to manage large user exports, the application appears to hang, taking a long time

      to output first status message.

      • BZ778184—Panasonic CF-C1 gets Fatal Error: EE020002 before Pre-Boot.

      • BZ777682 - Add support for the Pen Digitizer from the Samsung SlatePC

      Note To use this hardware device a policy with Pre-Boot USB support and On Screen

      Keyboard support enabled is required prior to  enabling Pre-Boot authentication

      • BZ777191—The Credential Provider only loads in the context of LogonUI.exe. Options to allow other contexts are now

      specified in the INI file.

      • BZ775688—If a EEPC v5.x.x client has never synched with the Management Center, upon exporting the EEMigration /

      SbAdmcl command MigrationExport the output will contain a blank network name.

      • BZ705518—Corrupt EE Recovery file generated when the client system name contains extended and Alt Gr characters.

      • BZ698408—Policies stop enforcing on the client if the logged in user has Alt Gr characters in their user name and ALDU

      option is enabled.• BZ775811—Customer is getting an error 'Certificate information not found' when logging in with a RSA token with 2048

      bit key.

      • BZ781817—Fix to copy the properties from the ePO tables into the EPESystems if there is no record present.

      • BZ735162—The Poll Card button is erroneously not shown if the reader contains an unsupported card at PBA.

      • BZ776968—Machine is locked out after 45-60 days although policy is set to 90 days.

      • BZ758177—Migration : import process fails to match any V5 users when using the default binding attribute of


      • BZ729697—Migration : users whose usernames have flower brackets do not get added on importing to the ePO although

      they are present in the AD.

      • BZ784600—Migration : the import username matching rule 'Starts with Ldap Attribute' does not work.

      • BZ784634—Migration : Importing the same file twice, reports incorrect information for users already imported.