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    Agent Handler to DB traffic flow



      I'm wondering how much agent to server communication overhead removed by Agent handlers. McAfee Agents comunicate with AH to receive policies, on behalf of Agent AH cominicates with DB and ePO. Does AH connection to ePO/DB traffic is  equal to traffic that would appear when Agent connect to  ePO directly, or it minimised amount of traffic and connections? Also, does AH minimises number of connections generated by multiple Agents (use single connection to connect to ePO and DB). For examlpe communication of 1000  Agents assigned to AH is forwarded to DB as 1000 separate connections, or it somelike are segregated, and DB "sees" one user, with 1000 queries?


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          There is no reduction - in fact there is a slight increase, as each AH will continually poll the database for updates, work to be done, and so on, as well as handling the normal agent/server communications. If you are working in an environment where bandwidth is limited, or connections are slow / have high latency, please do not consider AHs for this - they are not going to help


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