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    help upgrading to epo 4.5 Patch 5


      My organization uses a split configuration.  They are on 4.5 Patch 3 (937).  I just got here and am planning getting Patch 5 installed.  In the configuration guide that we have it says that I need to grant a SQL account local logon rights before I do the upgrade, which doesn't seem necessary to me as I am fairly sure that patch 5 has nothing to do with SQL and the fact that the SQL server is on a completely different machine so I dont see what giving it logon rights to the ePO server is going to do...  Anyone have any experience with this?

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          You need a login to access the ePO database (Windows or SQL user):


          The account used to upgradeePolicy Orchestrator must have rights to:

          •Create a new database, set permissions on tables and stored procedures, and create SQL Jobs.

          •Modify, Delete, Rename, Create, Use, Read, Write, Change Permissions, on any, and/or all, Tables, Stored Procedures, Columns, Rows, Fields, Views on the Master, TempDB, MSDB, and ePO Database.

          These abilities are given to these roles:

          •SQL administrator (SA)



          In the windows SQL server you don't need access.

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            Patch upgrades invariably need to make changes to the db as described above to resolve issues addressed in the patch, hence the requirement.