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    Again a Windows 7 indexing problem with McAfee?



      In 2010 I had big trouble with the indexing service of Windows 7. See https://community.mcafee.com/message/160634. When indexing my computer, the service stopped after having indexed only about 600 items. The problem was caused by the McAfee suite, I found out.


      Now, I have exactly the same problem. Windows 7 (32 bit) does give up indexing after about 600 items!


      Could it be, McAfee Internet Security is causing this problems again? I use Security Center version 11.6 build 11.6.385.


      Thanks for your response.




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          Hello there,


          Is there anybody from McAfee who can comment on the message above. The problem still persists and that really sucks. Really big chance that McAfee causes it. It's exactly the same problem as in 2010!



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            Peter M

            It's something that is best dealt with by Technical Support, linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.   It's free by phone or online chat.


            All I can suggest is to make sure that Windows 7 is SP1 and fully updated, including IE9 even if you use another browser.

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              Hello folks,


              I didn't think I would be revisiting this issue ever again... but I am pleased to report that my searches have been fine since the issue was fixed back in 2010 with the upgrade.


              Pieter1973, I am also running SC 11.6 but Build 11.6.434 which was downloaded and installed to my computer as an auto-update by McAfee on 9/28/12.


              Is your subscription current (active) with McAfee and do you have McAfee configured for automatic updates?  Check your subscription by double-clicking your McAfee icon in the taskbar tray, selecting Navigation, and then Subscription to see if you're still a valid subscriber.  Then click Navigation and in the RH column scroll down and select Automatic Updates to choose your preferences there.  You can also RIGHT CLICK on the McAfee icon in the taskbar tray and select Check for Updates to manually update to Build .434 .


              Having said all of this, I also am reminded that my Build series is the English version as distributed in the US but I have made the assumption that your build should correspond.  I also have not tried to rebuild my index from scratch... but I will if you report back that you are fully up-to-date per the above and that you still are having a problem. I have over 750,000 files indexed now and I don't want to go through 10-plus hours of rebuilding my index from scratch if I don't have a darn good reason to do so.  I am pretty sure mine is working fine because my file count changed when I deleted some old files.


              Be courteous and reply when you've updated and attempted a rebuild again.


              Hang in there.  We received lots of help back in 2010, but it WAS quite a battle we had to wage to convince McAfee there was indeed a problem with their software/scripts before their Technical Support got off dead center and did anything about it.  As I remember, the moderators were just as frustrated as we were because their hands were tied until Technical Support finally woke up.

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                Peter M

                Thanks for posting bigfeather2.


                It should also be noted that people who get McAfee software through 3rd parties, ISP's, PC makers etc. etc. often are kept waiting a long time for actual build upgrades and there is nothing that McAfee can do about that unfortunately.

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                  When I posted the original message on September the 13th, I was using build 11.6.385. Since a while, I'm using also build 11.6.434. So I didn't have to upgrade manually. Updates are installed automatically. 


                  My subscription is active till August the 18th 2013. I use a Dutch version of the software. I bought the software myself in September 2009 and renewed it every year since then. So, it's not a 'third party' version.


                  Yesterday, I started to rebuild the Windows 7 index from scratch. After about 800 items being indexed, the process stops! There should be more than 50.000 items to be indexed. So, it seems that something is wrong. Maybe, some other software is causing the problem. But I immediately thought about the McAfee indexing problem in 2010.


                  Bigfeather2, I'm glad to hear from you again!



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                    Peter M

                    OK you should always be getting the most recent builds as soon as they are released to the servers in your area then.    I would most definitely open a case with Technical Support on this.    I could say wait for 12.1 but that could be a while as it's only just reached public beta testing testing.