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    Can anyone direct me to some information on McAfee Total Family Protection and iTunes?

      I have been searching the internet for information on my security suite becoming compatable with the new iTunes "Lion". I recieved a notification from iTunes that they were not compatable 'at this time' but nothing since. All I have found so far is discussion forums full of people saying they are getting rid of the security system. I am actually very satisfied with my system and am hoping not to have to go that route. I have also read that you can disable the family protection aspect of the program and it will work but that's the part I really need, with 3 kids between 10 and 19-4 cellphones(2 are iPhones)-3 iPods and 1 iPad, I need the security! At the same time, all my "i" product users are fussing over being unable to update to the most current operating system. Any information or direction to information on plans for these to become compatable would be  greatly appreciated. Thank You!