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    Logging Whitelist Hits

      I have several URL whitelists and I want to keep them fresh. If a site hasn't been used in x period of time I'd like to remove it from the list. I'm trying to create a log to keep track of hits to the lists to use in maintaining the lists.


      log rule 1.JPG

      In my rule that allows URLs that are in the URL Whitelist I have an event that sets "User-Defined.URL_Whitelist" = URL.host.


      log rule 2.JPG


      Then I have a Log Handler rule that writes my log line  if User-Defined.URL_Whitelist does not equal ""


      I don't get any log entries when hitting the whitelist. The sites I'm testing with are blocked below the URL Whitelist rule but are in the whitelist so I know I'm triggering that rule. It appears that the user defined property isn't being set because when I reverse the operator in the log rule an entry is written, which should not happen.


      What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way of accomplishing this?


      Any help would be appreciated.