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    NTLM but exclude FTP authenication


      We are in the process of rolling out NTLM for our locating but we've run upon an issue which we can’t resolve. Does anyone know a way to enable NTLM for internet only and exclude FTP authentication when enabled? I've tried looking for any info from Mcafee site but cant find any.


      Reason for exclusion: we have many 3rd party ftp apps and it would be easier to simply make exceptions for FTP authentication when NTLM is enabled.

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          Jon Scholten

          You would have had to have modified the default authentication ruleset in order for authentication to apply to FTP traffic (I remember working with you on it ).


          Just set the ruleset criteria to:

          Connection.Protocol equals HTTP OR

          Connection.Protocol equals HTTPS


          Assuming you are doing direct proxy authentication still.