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    web reporter error



      I been using the web reporter since last year. all the while, everything is working fine. but suddently, when the reporter send a report to us, there's no data on it. i check on the web reporter jobs status, it only show "failed - couldn't initilize". but when i try to run the test on the log source, the test is success, with a message " a log file was successfully read from this source". run the process now, get the same error. anyone ever experience the same problem?


      Thank you.

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          That is odd behavior.  Perhaps it ran out of memory recently.  Try stopping the service. Verify in the Windows task manager that the service is stopped (java.exe owned by the System account).  Then start the service.  If that doesn't fix it, I would need to see a server.log with the error. (.../reporter/log/server.log)

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            hi sroering,


            thanks for the reply. really odd, all the while, it's working,suddently, cannot collect the log. i attach the server.log for your reference.


            Thank you.