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    ? Recent internet issues with McAfee update

      The fix posted on the McAfee website did not work. I have completely uninstalled the software and still can not get to the internet. My ISP says it is not their problem because the connection is good all the way up to the router, in my home.  Running Windows 7 Professional, Internet Explorer 9.


      FYI: The instructions in McAfee's post said to hit the F8 key to enter safe mode. That did not work for me. I had to hit the DEL key.


      Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          Strange, DEL is usually reserved for BIOS access.   Is you Network Adapter appearing in Device Manager?  (Right-click Computer > Properties > Device Manager)


          What happens when you right-click the network icon by the clock on your desktop and select Diagnose and Repair?


          Also when you tried the uninstall method did you run the MCPR cleanup tool and reboot before reinstalling?


          Is your software supplied my McAfee or your ISP?


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            Thank you for your quick response.


            The system in question is at my mom's house and I am at work. She did the uninstall while on the phone with Cox cable. They stepped her through it and by the time they were through she was so confused she had no idea what all she had done. I'm trying to come in after the fact and fix. Mom is 85 and didn't want to bother me when she couldn't log on to the internet last Monday. So, I will look this evening and get you the answers you need to further assist me.


            I do know that I purchased McAfee and installed it from a CD originally.


            Thank you again for your help



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              Well, I am at a total loss. McAfee says it is a Cox issue, Cox says it is my problem and will help me IF I pay them $100 now and $14.95 a month. No thanks.


              I did a system restore last night. I had the MCPR cleanup tool on a flash drive, ran it, uninstalled McAfee successfully, and still no internet so  McAfee would not reinstall. Which at this point I could not care less.


              I am at my wits end about the internet though. I've tried everything I know to do and nothing is working. I've released, renewed and pinged ip addresses. I've rebooted, unlplugged, disconnected so many times I've lost count.


              I realize it is not anything you can solve, but it helps to cry on your virtual shoulder.


              It's as if the computer does not recognize the Network  it is supposed to be connected to. If that makes any sense at all.


              Thank you again for jumping in so quickly and offering assistance.



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                I'm just off to bed but a last thought before I go.  Try going into Device manager and uninstalling all Network Adapters and rebooting.   Windows should start detecting them as new ones at reboot.

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                  There are no words to express my appreciation for your help! That worked like a charm. I am at my mom's computer now and internet is sailing along.


                  Thank you, thank you, thank you.




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                    Christine, I am so glad.   All the best to you and your Mom.