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    False Artemis! 56BB98AFBF02

      The program is used for vehicle diagnostics, the reader is called OP-COM and the software name is OPCOM090714_EN_OK.exe I have been using this software for ages on other anti virus software, but since I moved over to Orange home broadband I decided to take up the offer of the free McAfee AV software.



      Problem is it keeps deleting the file and putting it in to qaurantine, the only way I can run it is to disable real time scanning which I do not want to do, especially since I need to take my laptop outdoors to my car and use my wireless connection, so I would be happier if McAfee as running full protection whilst allowing me to use my software.


      As I said it is used for vehicle diagnostics, I plug in the reader to the cars onboard socket, start up "OPCOM090714_EN_OK.exe" and run checks on my car, clear fault codes and so on.


      Please can someone look in to this as I use "OPCOM090714_EN_OK.exe" on a daily basis and I do not feel safe being outside on a wireless connection with limited protection,


      Many thanks in advance




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