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    cannot install mcafee back

      After the problem with the update I cannont install mcafee again on my pc because "I am using more licenses' than allowed.

      I had my pc's reinstalled because I thought it was something else, but now I cannot get the protection I am paying for.

      The support service doesn't cover this country (Bolivia) in any way, calling is not an option.

      I am truly disappointed with the service, there isn't an e-mail address where I can make myself heard.

      Can someone help please?


      thank you



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          Hi mcf,


          Please let me know in how many computers you have installed the McAfee, also update me the computer names if possible so that I can try my best to get this resolved. Thanks,

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            Hello Karthik


            Thank you for replying.

            I have installed mcafee in 4 pc's as follows:


            1) WERK-PC is my HP laptop, (replacing my old Dell which by the way also sitll has mcafee installed, very seldom used)

            2) MARYCRUZ-PC is the pc where I cannot install mcafee again and the one that I used the most for my work.

            3) ANTOON-PC is almost never on, only to load updates, it has mcafee because it has a network connection

            4) MC-STUDIE is an old PC which I also use for work and has saved me during the time I coudn't use nr 2).


            I had understood that my 3 license agreement meant that I could install the product in any pc as long I as I am not using more that three licenses at a time. This has never been the case.

            All my work is in pc nr. 2), of course I have backed it up, but still, I have to work with it every day, and now unprotected.


            I hope you can help me,





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              You mean to say the McAfee is installed in the machine name MC-STUDIE and nr is also a machine name you had McAfee installed.

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                As I have stated above, I have Mcafee installed in all 4 PC's, that is why I have numbered them.


                thank you



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                  Please do the following and then try to install the McAfee. Thanks,


                  When I checked your McAfee account there are 6 licenses are in use, but you are valid to install only 3 licenses. So you can deactivate some machines that are not in use i.e. Machines that you do not have McAfee installed. I have mentioned the steps below to deactivate the unwanted machine names from your account, try this and check you are able to install the McAfee.


                  • Login to your McAfee Account
                  • After login, click on Device Protection and you will see the computer names which are in active status
                  • Select the Machine name and deactivate the unwanted machines using the deactivate button (To install McAfee you have to deactivate 4 license machines)
                  • After deactivate the machines logout and Login into the McAfee Account
                  • Try installing the McAfee and update me the result