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    Mcafee Total Protection - Activation issues

      I recently installed Mcafee Total Protection 2012 (3 users) after unistalling Mcafee Total Protection 2011 on my Windows 7 laptop & Windoes XP laptop after activating on both I found out the Windows 7 laptop is still showing to Acivate within 15 days of installation and when I press the activate button on the program nothing happens whereas my online account shows both the laptops are activated till next year. This issue is only being faced on the pc with windows 7 & I tried using mcafee virtual technican but nothing happens, 6807 stand alone tool downloaded from mcafee website which after extracting only does is restarting my pc. Reinstalled the mcafee software on windows 7 laptop, Tried after  login using customer support  chat, email everything shows a white screen after selecting the option button and pressing next this is the last time I will use Mcafee as the customer support just doesn't work & even to get an email id is difficult, tried posting the same on mcafee facebook page as well. Help me resolve the issuse as soon as possible since I am entitled to a software that works not that makes me waste my  time & money on something crap.


      Attached are the screen shots of the problemmcafee issu1.jpgmcafee issu2.jpgmcafee cust service.jpg