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    VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip is not working


      Hello ive got a little Problem to get the VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip running in our Epo 4.5


      After a long testing i found out that the Reporting with the current VIRUSCANREPORTS(154).zip

      extention is working.


      I have the VSE8.7i an Agent 4.5 running and on a few testsystems i do have VSE 8.8 with Agent 4.5 AND VSE 8.8 with Agent 4.6


      1) Fact: The Policy to both 8.7 & 8.8 does change on the right Client if i make the change in the right extension.

      2) the Agent wakeup call is working

      3) I can contact from client to server and from server to client

      4) If the same version is running the remote session is working fine

      5) My dashboard has loggings - but i had to rebuild the Strukture. Some dashoboard presets do have the wrong settings and the result is 0

      ( I did find that while testing the log funktion - with Aicar Testfiles.) I had to Check every setting!!


      It looks like i do not need the VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip for the EPO 4.5. More then this: IT DOES NOT WORK with it.. when EVER i load it

      my Dashboard reportig was Down. If i kick it out and reload the VIRUSCANREPORTS(154).zip solves the problem and everything looks fine like somthings never happen.


      I dont want to kick out my VSE 8.7i settings... i want to make 2 differnend Systems:

      VSE8.7i agent 4.5 and VSE8.8 agent 4.6 - both should get the rules from its own extention. Unless the VSE 8.7 agent 4.5 is gone. And at last i want

      the have only the 8.8 extention alive.


      Do you Know how to get the VIRUSCANREPORTS120(136).zip running with Agent 4.6 VSE8.8 & epo 4.5???