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    NSM - Thread Analyzer

      Im having an issue that whenever i clear attacks from the realtime monitor it still shows the same counts in the Unacknowledged Alert Summary


      is this a bug and is there a way to fix it ?


      another thing the window that shows messages from McAfee its not showing anything for the past 2 month... i guess there is somthing wrong!


      Please reply ASAP...

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          Hi Anwar,


          this may be related to the issue you reported with the RTTA not acknowledging the alerts.


          Again, I would suggest the upgrade to the latest 6.1.x as there will be many defects added.


          For the Messages from McAfee not showing anything:

          1) Are you using a proxy and are the proxy settings correctly configured?

          2) Can you check on the mysql database that the scehduler IUS_MESSAGE_DOWNLOAD is Active with this command (it should return 'TRUE'):

          mysql> select isActive from iv_schedulers where type='IUS_MESSAGE_DOWNLOAD';