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    i can't use my laptop on normal mode


      when i turn on my laptop on a normal mode, there is a page that takes all the screen it says:this program cannot display the webpage

      most likely causes:

      .you are not connected to the internet

      .the website is encountering problems

      .there might be a typing error in the address


      could you please help, i think i have a virus because when i use the safe mode,my antivirus is disabled and can't turn it back on


      thank you

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          Peter M

          Moved provisionally to SecurityCenter from Anti-Spam.


          Why would you think it's a virus?  Any other strange popups etc.?


          Antivirus software isn't functional in Safe Mode anyway, however in 'Safe Mode with Networking' you may be able to download, install and run Malwarebytes Free which is linked in the last link in my signature below.  It works in that mode.


          That will check for malware and is a good supplement to any antivirus as protection.


          The Internet was broken by a bad update to VirusScan 2 weeks ago, but recent updates should have remedied that so try uninstalling the software via Control Panel, that may reinstate the Internet for you and then run MCPR cleanup tool linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.

          Reboot and reinstall from your online account.

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            I suspect it's a virus or malware as i can't open any program,and when i try to run mcafee internet security it won't let me and it is turned off.

            i read somewhere that i have to uninstall it and install it again,but itried several times but couldn't,and customer service said you can't install mcafee on an infected computer.

            what should i do?

            thanks for your help

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              Peter M

              Did the suggestion in the 3rd line down in my post above work or not?


              Try that, and if that fails, try, in Safe Mode, to restore back to a time before all this started using System Restore.

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                Thank you very much, the problem is solved by doing a system restore as you suggested :)

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                  Peter M

                  That's marvellous.  Temporarily disable System Restore to delete the infected or bad restore point(s).   Then make sure you update Windows and any associated software plus McAfee of course.