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    MWG7 Download of GTI web database failed - 401 HTTP error

      Hi all,


      in last days I'm having lots of Incident messages regarding the update, like this:


      Incident Notification [1052]: Appliance XXXX; Incident Description: Download of GTI web database TS-Engine= | TS-Database=35526 failed for nodes: 44454C4C-3800-1031-8047-B7C04F465031 (XXXX); 44454C4C-4A00-1039-8047-C2C04F355031 (YYYY); 44454C4C-4B00-1053-804C-CAC04F395131 (ZZZZOrigin Module: Updater; Incident Severity: 3; Time Stamp: [07/Sep/2012:09:41:22 +0200 ]


      where XXXX, YYYY and ZZZZ are the appliances running in load balancing



      In update log file I can see a successufully connection and an update available but I get a failure in download file:



      [2012-09-07 09:42:16.238 +02:00] Download files for product: GTI web database

      [2012-09-07 09:42:16.238 +02:00] Version:TS-Engine=|TS-Database=35526

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.055 +02:00] Failed to download file: updates/urlfilter/lists-smartfilter-xl/35526/6a542aa4d474a6332992c80060d0ded7/s fcontrol.35525 from host: mwg-update.mcafee.com

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.077 +02:00] Update Status from non local Node 44454C4C-3800-1031-8047-B7C04F465031

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.077 +02:00] Product: McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.077 +02:00] Status: update_is_up_to_date

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.077 +02:00] Old Version: AM-DAT=1211|AM-Engine=7001.1001.1632|MFE-DAT=6827|MFE-Engine=5400.5001

      [2012-09-07 09:42:19.077 +02:00] New Version: AM-DAT=1211|AM-Engine=7001.1001.1632|MFE-DAT=6827|MFE-Engine=5400.5001


      while in coordinator log file I get 401 HTTP error:


      [2012-09-07 09:42:17.430 +02:00] [Coordinator] [UpdateProcessDownloadFailedBadCode] Failed to download file: 'updates/urlfilter/lists-smartfilter-xl/35526/6a542aa4d474a6332992c80060d0ded7/ sfcontrol.35525', while host: 'mwg-update.mcafee.com' sent back HTTP-Code: '401'.   [CHTTPUpdateClient::DownloadFile]


      Used version: Mcafee Web Gateway  (13253)


      Can someone help me?


      Thanks and best regards.,