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    Deploying VSE 8.8SP2 over SP1


      Hey guys,

      i wonder if someone has the same problem.

      I have VSE 8.8 running on all company clients here.

      For testing i had VSE 8.8 SP1 in my testchain in the repository. At this time it wasn´t possible for ePO to install SP1 over the old version. Just nothin happened. If i uninstalled VSE and then put the machine in the group where it would pull the new version everything went fine.

      Same problem now with my testmachine running SP1 and being in the folder to get SP2. All machines without VSE get the correct version but the machine with SP1 stays on SP1.

      Am i missing something here?

      I don´t want to uninstall VSE in my whole company in order to get up to SP2!!!


      Best regards