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    Solaris credentials set passwords not working over SSH



      I am having an issue with the scanning of some Solaris 10 devices via credentials using a Password over SSH, they use to work fine in 6.8 but since we have updated to 7.0 the scans seem to be ignoring the passwords and trying to use a cert that is not there.  I have rechecked the cred’s used and they are correct and allow me to log in to the devices directly via Putty and they have the need permission set, but when I look at the report under the section ‘Unix Hosts Access Report’ it just shows no access and that the protocol is set to SSHv1, with the credential type as certificate.


      The credential set was configured with a default shell, but I have also set the cred’s as individual host shells but all to no avail, so any help would be good.