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    Daily Activity Summary Reports

      For those of you who receive (email) daily activity summary reports you know the categories are 1) Selected Search Terms (as in google) 2) Most Visited Websites and 3) Blocked Websites.

      I have been using this program since this past spring and for the very first time I am seeing ths first category-selected search terms-coming up with no items,,,,,,,yet there are numerous sites visited (allowed) and sites blocked. The sites being accessed are not possible without some type of search. Please understand that the user has.....and only has ever accessed any sites by searching on google. Trust me when I say that I have kept all these summary reports and all 3 categories are full of items. It makes no sense that starting yesterday category 1 comes up empty.

      I am sooo frustrated with this program. I have posted on this site numerous times how these email reports work fine for about 10 days and then they stop coming. I am putting that issue aside for now. If anyone out there can enlighted me as to how this could happen (empty category) I would appreciate it very much!


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          @laur, you've been waiting for a reply for the past hour (I can see who's online) so I'll do my best here, which isn't much.


          There may be a bug in Parental Controls, but I haven't got it in my McAfee installation and we don't get many posts about it. I'll have to post a question for the next conference call and hope that someone there can come back with an answer.

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            I checked your other posts and I see that this is Family Protection not Parental Controls. I know that Family Protection has had an update recently. What version have you got?


            No-one else has reported this so I'm at a loss to know what could be the cause.