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    is it necessary to remove EEPC (decrypt whole drive) only when I need to recover some files ?


      I hope this is not a stupid question, but I just need to ask in case I am wasting some valuable time trying to remove the encryption.

      Do I really need to jump through all those hoops in order to remove the encryption when all I really want is to back up a few files on the C: drive of an EEPC 6.2 encrypted system that is no longer booting into Windows XP or 7?  In other words, Is there a way I can boot the system off any of your recommended tools to get past the preboot environement ( authenticating using a token or xml file + daily code) and THEN run a command prompt to browse and copy a few files from the C: drive to the USB key. Just as simple as that… I don’t really care about decrypting the WHOLE drive... I am going to reinstall the system anyways... 


      Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.