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    Every time McAfee updates my internet hangs up

      Every time McAfee updates and I have to reboot, my browsing on the internet freezes whenever I go to a new page.  It lasts so long that Chrome asks me if I want to kill the page!  It does eventually unfreeze, but should I go to another place, i.e. on Facebook from my Home Page to my Profile Page, it freezes all over again.


      Somehow while futzing with things (dangerous I know!) last time this happened I managed to fix it.  But I don't know what I did.  All I know is that my CPU usage spikes to 50 or higher, and I may as well have dial-up for how long it takes for me to be able to navigate a page.


      This only happens right after anytime McAfee updates, so it seems to be starting something that I did not have going before.


      Please help me!