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    Updates disabled Internet connection

      New Dell All-In-One Computer 2 months ago. Came with McAfee so decided I'd try it. (Previously used Trend Microsystems protection. Fabulous!) Now I cannot access the Internet due to issues, apparently, with McAfee updates. Spent an hour on the phone with my Internet service provider and everything on their end is working properly, including the modem. They think it's a McAfee issue. Impossible to run the McAfee troubleshooting/fix scan without Internet access. Do I hate McAfee? YES!! Any suggestions how to get the Internet Access running again?

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          Peter M

          There was a problem with an update, but that was 2 weekends ago so unlikely to be the problem now, unless that machine has been off for some time.


          The only thing to try now would be to go into Control Panel > Programs and uninstall McAfee in the normal manner.


          It may require a reboot but the Internet connection should return, if not try repairing it by right-clicking the network icon near the clock and selecting Diagnose and Repair.


          Then run the MCPR cleanup tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page, reboot and rienstall from your online account.


          That should bypass any bad update that was there originally.

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            I work phone support for an ISP, and have had three calls this morning with the same issue.  Not sure if it is caused by updates, but they cannot get online unless they uninstall Mcafee (or use Autoruns to disable the Firewall components). 

            Two of them said it started yesterday. 


            Two could not ping out to anything (, 8.8.88, their local firewall).  The third could ping ip addresses, but not resolve DNS. 


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              Peter M

              I don't know of any current issues at all I'm sorry.  Technical Support might know and they can be reached by phone as well as online chat...linked under Useful Links at the top of this page.


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                I was having the same problem, and thought I had it fixed by totally removing McAfee from two computers. But now, both my routers do not work!!!!  Did McAfee Internet Security damage my routers? It did something to them, but I do not know what. Any help McAfee?

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                  Peter M

                  It doesn't access routers so I think that would be impossible.   It simply reads what Windows Network Center is using.   I suggest you check for malware using Stinger and Malwarebytes Free, see the last link in my signature below.  Failing that contact Technical Support directly as suggested earlier.


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                    Well I just got charged 319.00 for them to fix the same problem. Look for my posting-JoannA2Z

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                      As I mentioned in your other post what is the SR job number so we can dig up why that charge.


                      All theMcERTFixWrap.exe program does it help?




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