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    Transfer of Systems from ePO 4.6 to 4.6 Issues


      Hello All,


      I have a scenario where-in I have migrated my ePO Server from 4.5 to Version 4.6. Due to certain issues, we are now migrating this to a New ePO 4.6 Server.


      Now this new ePO Server is Built and I have added these servers as Registered Server within each other.


      The client systems are still having McAfee Agent 4.5 on them.


      I am trying to Transfer the Client Systems from the Old ePO 4.6 Server to the New ePO 4.6 server.


      Once I select the systems and hit Transfer to the New ePO Server, the client system disappears from the old system and doesent appear in the new system unil I do a Wake-up call on the old ePO Server and unless I do a Collect and Send Props from the client.


      Is there an easier way to move my systems from my OLD ePO Server to the New ePO Server???