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    Alerte McAffe pour logiciel malveillant

      Ça recommence toujours


      On me dite que je télécharge file.mobileSkin.Zip  mais je télécharge rien du tout!!!What the hell is that???

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          I assume that means something like

          It always starts
          I said that I download file.mobileSkin.Zip but I download nothing!

          So you want to download a certain file but it does not.Is the file in quarantine area Mcafee antivirus. Open security centre and click on navigation and quarantined and trusted items. Is it there?


          Maybe this needs more explanation so can you elaborate what the issue is.


          Is it warning that it is malware if so what name?

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            Also can you indicate what McAfee product you are using and where it's installed.  Is this on your phone?   I'm assuming you have a browser translator installed  as I am sorry, we only speak English here.