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    Upgrade to EPO 4.6 latest

      We have upgraded to EPO 4.6 the latest one and rolled it out to our client machines ,

      We have the Virus scan enterprise and siteadvisor on each machine . Since the update the users machines Keep reporting that Windows firewall is turned off and nothing is in its place ..

      whilst doing some digging we haven't found much but we think that this EPO update seems to have caused this ??? can you help ?

      Our client machines consist of  mainly XP PRO sp3 (x32) and (x64) with a few WIN 7 x64 too. The update looks like its done all the parts its needed to do and the updates are going out fine and clients are communicating with the server .

      The message when we try and turn it on says it can't turn windows firewall on its managed via domain ... ?

      Please let me know if you need any more info and thanks