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    Warning Logging




      I was wondering if you could help.


      The default McAfee policies cause warnings to be raised when a change is made to a virtual machine. Those warnings are filling up the database with unnecessary noise. Is it possible to stop individual servers from logging those warnings, by creating a custom policy to apply to those servers?


      If so how would one go about implementing this?





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          Yes, you can change the policies in the access protection policy- virtual machine protection (most likely- you can check the correct place by checking the accessprotection.log file on the machine that is causing the reports) uncheck the report box and save as a new policy and apply the new policy to the specific servers.


          if you need to know how to create  a new policy:

          Menu | Policy | Policy Catalog, then select a product from the Product menu and click Actions | New Policy


          (taken from the ePO product guide)