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    HIPS 7 Patch 6/7, best upgrade path?




      I have inheritted a ePO system and I have slowly been working through the products getting them all up to date.


      HIPS seems to be the worse and most difficult, i have had nothing but issues and problems with version 7. I now have all new machines on version 8 and this runs fine.


      What is the best way to upgrade HIPS 7 Patch 6 and HIPS 7 Patch 7 to the latest HIPS 8 (currently P1).


      I have being doing a straight upgrade and this works maybe 50% of the time. The other 50% I either end up with totally messed up systems or systems that just reboot and still have 7 installed. Then I generally have to follow the long manual removal instructions or just rebuild the machine.


      I have seen a few posts around upgrading to patch 9, is this recommended before updating to 8? Will this be a smoother process?


      Is there any other ways you have managed these sorts of upgrades with minimal issues?