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    Firewall turning off, have i got rid of Live security platinum?

      The live security platinum virus got onto my computer yesterday, i ran through the steps on this page http://malwaretips.com/blogs/live-security-platinum-removal-guide/ and it seemed to have done what it was meant to do, ive also run stinger which didnt detect anything, ive run hitman pro again which doesnt detect anything.


      However when i go to turn on my mcafee firewall it turns on for about 5 seconds then turns itself back off again. I am not 100 percent sure that my firewall didnt do this before i got the virus but im fairly confident that it didnt as i wasnt getting updates from mcafee that my computer wasnt protected.


      Does this sound like the virus is still on my computer and undetected by the programs ive used? also is there other more common problems that could be turning my firewall off (not related to the the live security virus)?



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