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    Acrobat reader 10.1.4 hangs for 60 seconds on startup if McAfee On-Access Scanner Enabled

      (WIN7 SP1, McAfee VS Enterprise, Scan Engine 5400.1158, DAT version 6820.0000,

      Buffer Overflow and Access Protection DAT version 588, DAT created on 30 Aug 2012)


      I've timed it, and for almost exactly 60 seconds upon trying to open a PDF file, the CPU approaches 100%. After 60 seconds, the application is responsive for approximately 1 second, and then hangs again (his time with low CPU but with the Windows 7 spinning circle for approximately 15-20 seconds.


      I've noticed that if I disable McAfee On-Access Scan, then Adobe Reader works fine.


      The problem persists today with DAT 6822.0000 also.


      Around the time the issue occurred, Firefox decided to upgrade itself to 15.0, and the virus scanner updated itself around the same time, so one of these triggered the issue.


      After that, Adobe Reader hangs on startup for a long time before becoming responsive again.

      After an uninstall of Adobe Reader, deleting the C:\Users\xxx\Application Data\Adove\Acrobat folder completely, and deleting the HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat key,

      Adobe Reader 10.1.4 was installed from scratch.

      However, the problem remains (same symptoms).


      Has anyone else experienced this? Any workaround till it is resolved? (Disabling the On-Access Scan is _not_ an option for us).


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