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    Another false positive buffer overflow alert - now for C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE


      About 2 weeks ago after a regular McAfee upgrade requiring a reboot I got false positive buffer overflow alerts for Excel eurotool add-in and Workbook_Open()macros.


      After the regular McAfee "upgrade" and reboot a similar incident ocurred today, this time WindowsExplorer was the whipping boy, so I had to press the right-hand ignore option.


      So now, in my list of trustworthy elements "threats" that McAfee will in future ignore are:


      C:\ProgramFiles\.....\EXCEL.EXE            Buffer Overflow

      C:\Windows\Explorer.EXE                       Buffer Overflow


      Otherwisethe PC works fine – no crashes because of buffer overflows. Why can't McAfeeget its act together on this? Why should I renew my subscription when it expires in November? Does McAfee care?


      Mfehidik still appears in the Event Manager. Why can't an upgrade resolve this issue instead of providing upgrades that cause false positive buffer overflow alerts?