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    How do I determine if my daughter's computer has an active account when her internet access has been blocked?

      My daughter tried to sign on to the Internet yesterday and was given the error message to turn on the internet access switch on her computer.  She has a Dell Inspiron Laptop with no such switch. She also got a warming from McAfee that she needed to check her status.  Without internet acces that was not possible.  I went to the Dell Website on my HP Desktop and read about the Update causing loss of Internet Access.  I went thru the fix suggested and uninstalled the Security Center, but no Internet access - same diagnosis of Turn on the Switch.  She is running Windows 7.  I don't know if her account died due to her not   paying for the renewal or what.  All the support stuff is not active on weekends and this is a 3 day holiday and it is tough since she is in college and not to have Internet Access.  Any suggestions?