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    SG560 VPN to iPhone

      I can successfully PPTP into my SG560 from an iPhone.


      The problem with PPTP is that often when overseas lots of countries block the PPTP port or WiFi hotspots only allow browsing (ie port 80 and 443).


      I thought that L2TP or IPSEC may get around this problem, but I can't even connect from the iPhone.


      I wonder if it may be because of NAT https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB62313&cat=CORP_UTM_FIREW ALL&actp=LIST


      Any ideas on how to get around this? It would be virtually impossible to get a public IP address on the iPhone while travelling as WiFi hotspots would be behind a router and 3G is nearly always NATted

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          The UTM supports the NAT traversal features of IPSec but not L2TP with NAT.


          If you are able to use IPSec only, this should work.

          That said if PPTP is being blocked, I can imagine other protocols would also be blocked.

          It sounds like a block all policy would be in place and only browsing allowed.