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    ePO 4.6.1 (Build 1192) and VirusScan for Storage (NetApp) - Alerts

      Hello everyone, i hope someone can help me.


      I wish to get EMAIL alerts when a certain Event ID is created.


      The event is 1340 - VSES failed to connect to filer, and 1341 -  VSES successfully connected to filer.


      After reading some of the other calls here I have set up some auto responses.


      in fact I wasn't sure on if this event was a 'threat' event, and 'server event' or a 'client event', so i have set up all 3 events.

      I've then set up the event ID field as 'any of'' 1340,1341 to trigger an AMail alert.


      I have other events triggering from client events and threat events and have tested the email system works by sending out a test Mail, so at the moment i am stumped as to why this wont work.


      In one last desperate attempt I tried to set up the alerts by using 'Threat Event description' then the actual error message of "VSES failed to connect to filer."


      However, nothing has worked. I'd be happy to supply an export of the files Ive created.