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    Query for latest DAT in repository

      I've been working on an ePO script for a while to automate most of my daily maintenance tasks.


      The only part left that I'm having a bit of trouble with is the following:

      I need to determine the latest available DAT version in the ePO repository. Then, I want to use this to compare against other computers properties to determine which systems are out of date.


      I've looked through the all of the tables and I'm unable to find the latest DAT version available. I'm already able to pull DAT versions on clients.



      Anyone have any idea where I might be able to find that?



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          You can find the DAT version that is in the repository in the "EPOMasterCatalog" table.


          Here's how to get the DAT version using a SQL query:


          SELECT ProductVersion

          FROM [ePO4_Server].dbo.EPOMasterCatalog

          WHERE ProductName = 'DAT'

          And here's how to do it using the API:

          core.executeQuery?target=EPOMasterCatalog&select=(select EPOMasterCatalog.ProductVersion)&where=(where (eq EPOMasterCatalog.ProductName "DAT"))



          <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>











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            Thank you! That worked perfectly.