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    Upgrade process for WG4000




      We are currently running WG and we would like to upgrade our device to Release notes for installation procedure state that if you are running version or a lower 7.x.x.x version, you update to new version directly in one of following ways:

      - through user interface - Configuration/Appliances/Update Appliance Software/Reboot

      - through system console - SSH/yum upgrade yum yumconf\* / yum upgrade / reboot


      What is unclear to me is following:

      - is there any benefit from using one way over another?

      - release notes state: if you have been beta-testing an older version, you need to remove this version first. We haven't tested any beta versions (at least I don't consider those releases beta version) and I haven't seen any of them available

      - some threads on this forum written by SME's offer a different series of steps for upgrading appliance ... e.g. https://community.mcafee.com/thread/45177 or https://community.mcafee.com/thread/47933

      - how long does the upgrade take?


      This also confused me (from :https://community.mcafee.com/community/business/email_web/webgateway/blog/2012/0 4/30/mcafee-web-gateway-720)

      Customers on the main release branch (MWG 7.1.0.x) are advised to wait until 7.2 becomes GA in one of the next maintenance releases and is available as direct upgrade from within the main release branch. Customers on the controlled release branch (MWG 7.1.5.x/7.1.6.x) will receive this update as part of their chosen controlled release branch.


      Can anyone shed a little more light on whole process?


      Thanks, MSM

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          MWG 7.2 is the "current" version now and superseeded 7.1.5.x and 7.1.6.x, currently there is no main/controlled release. The basic idea is to have a "main" version which is used by the majority of  customers and put the next "major" (upcoming) version into the "controlled" release branch. So only customers who really need something that only exists in the controlled released do an upgrade.


          7.2 is now main because it has proven to be reliable and stable and is ready for production usage. So you will upgrade to 7.2.


          There is no benefit between the two upgrade options you mentioned. Clicking the button in the GUI basically invokes yum, so in the end the process that happens under the hood is "the same". I recommend to click the button in the GUI, as this is what customers usually are expected to do.


          If you have not installed a beta version manually in the past (with a command such as "yum install yumconf-beta" or similar) there is no need to worry. Also the other steps you have found in the community were taken because there were some issues, basically you follow the instructions of the release notes to upgrade. Something different from the instructions in the release notes is only required if something goes wrong - in this case tech support will assist of course.


          The upgrade usually is very quick. It depends on the systems load and the internet connection, but on an idle system with an acceptable internet connection the upgrade takes 10-15 minutes. I strongly recommend to perform upgrades in the late afternoon/evening to not interrupt your users work.




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            Thanks for clearing things up Asabban. I've scheduled upgrade for friday.



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              good plan :-)


              Some more hints if you want to be safe:


              - Ensure you create a backup from within the UI

              - Ensure you have console access in case of emergency (via a remote KVM or by walking to the system)

              - Download the ISO of the latest version and burn it to a CD / create a USB installer, just in case of emergency

              - Make sure you know the network details such as IP, Gateway, DNS of all NICs


              In case of emergency you can boot from the ISO, setup the IP information with the wizard that shows up on the console. Once the system is back to the network you can restore the backup, and all should be well again.


              Note: This should be an emergency procedure. You may loose log files that have not been sent off the appliance.


              If you have this emergency plan all should be good. Make sure you have the support phone number handy somewhere and a coffee :-)




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                Thank you for your assistance Asabban. We've did all the preparations, and in the end successfully upgraded our device. There were no problems during upgrade.


                I have just one more question: most of our internal procedures call for an rollback option to be in place, but in this scenario, we haven't had an option of true rollback. Aside from keeping available Web Gateway ISO Images in our internal repository, is there any other way to access older Web Gateway releases or to backup entire device before commencing an upgrade?


                Thanks, MSM