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    need help



      I'm having a doubt here i was using ePO4.5 patch 3 before upgrading 4.6. patch 2.

      That time everything works fine like i was using RSD before upgrading it works fine by trigging email for my account after upgrading to 4.6 patch 2 RSD seems that dosn't work fine showing some wrong information.


      Is it a problem with 4.6 patch 2 or i have to check RSD.






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          i'd personally suggest opening a McAfee support case to have this investigated.


          Still, you can send email notifications for more than just RSD, perhaps you can check the subsystem by setting up an email response to something else other than RSD.

          That at least would let you know if it is ePO or RSD - but still you would need to then take it up with McAfee support - hence the suggestion to open a case sooner rather than later.