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    McAfee Trojan Removed popup

      Ih getting a constant on and off popup with the McAfee logo Trojoan removed.

      It comes and goes. First i clicked ok but i dont think is legit. A scan has produced no reults

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          Hello again. I musta clicked the wrong button as i have not answered the problem or found a solution. Have searched Malwarebytes with no success

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            I overlooked this because it was in the Help section and marked as Answered


            It's now in Security Awareness, Home User Assistance


            Frequent warnings of a Trojan being removed means that something else is re-introducing malware to your system after the Trojan is removed. Malwarebytes probably isn't enough to detect whatever is doing this. You may need to run a check to see if you have a rootkit. Start with Stinger and Rootkit Remover and/or TDSSKiller and/or GetSusp in that case.


            Do you still have this problem?