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    Copy & Paste

      I have tried searching for an answer to this question but how can I copy & paste text into a post?  I know I can attach a file but if I just want to paste something into the body of a post like this I don't seem to be able to do it  even if I convert the quote into plain text in a Word doc then try to copy/paste that plain text.

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          Peter M

          Just copy whatever text it is from wherever it's displayed and then in your reply box or new post box here click Ctrl-V in the spot you want to show it and the text will copy into the box.


          Note if the text you are copying is formatted strangely or very large on the webpage or wherever you are copying from it may display strangely if you paste it directly into a post here.


          I find in such cases that copying it first to Notepad helps and then re-copying it from there.

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            Thanks very much (just pasted this)

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              Peter M

              You're welcome.

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