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    MVT killed the machine

      Had an email last week about installing MVT - ignored it as it was unusal.


      However last night the AV poped up on screen saying that there was a potential problem, so went to the website and loaded MVT.


      It did its scan and found 4 problems (2 regestery + DAT file + 1 other) and I selected fix. All good so far.


      It took quite a while to fix, but eventually I was aked to reboot the mahcine, which I did.


      The machine restarted, hard disk light is on - but nothing on the screen, so I assume it is completing some registry fixes and go to bed.


      8 hours later the hard disk is still going, still nothing on the screen ...


      Retarted the machine, and currently I still have nothing.


      Real problem is that I don't think that I can even get into "safe" mode to undo the changes ...


      Anyone else had this problem ?

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          If it helps - it is a standard build Dell PC running windows Vista


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            Just read this:


            "When MVT is run, it may immediately switch off the McAfee firewall (it did when I ran it). It may also disable the On-Access Scanner, otherwise known as mcshield. This is what it's supposed to do, so don't panic. You will of course then get the Your System Is At Risk pop-up from McAfee, and possibly (depending on your settings) a notification from Windows Security Center to the effect that there is no firewall currently operating. You should resist the urge to call up McAfee's Security Center to switch the firewall back on."


            Sadly I did turn the firewall back on (maybe next time the software will warn you about this)


            So currently the PC won't even process the bios


            Any ideas ?

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              Peter M

              Try powering right off, including the power switch at the back if there is one or unplug from the mains, and leaving it that way for a few minutes, then plug in & power back on.     The software isn't active during BIOS POST so there must be a conincidental hardware issue if BIOS isn't accessible either.