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    Upgrade Servers from VSE 8.7i  to VSE 8.8 P1 or wait for VSE 8.8 P2


      I have upgraded all of my client workstations to VSE 8.8 but have been somewhat hesitant to upgrade the servers from VSE 8.7i to VSE 8.8. Has anyone had any issues with VSE 8.8 P1 running on Windows servers (2003, 2008, and 2008 R2)? Should I just wait for VSE 8.8 P2 to be released or should I go ahead and upgrade to 8.8P1? I know there have been issues with VSE 8.8 and the Event 516 errors logged in the Windows event logs. I know my server admins would not appreciate McAfee filling their event logs with errors. Just trying to get a general idea on if many people are using VSE 8.8 P1 on servers. Thanks in advance.