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    Pls help

      I bought the Internet security 2012 and tried to install on a new laptop, which had pre-installed the Norton security tool. I uninstalled the Norton program and download the Mc Afee one, but the installation stops with the following message: " Error : An unexpected error has occured. The login process has experienced an unexpected server access error. Please try again." Thereafter the installation is cancelled.


      I used the Mc Afee virtual tehnician and cleaned everything, I used also the MC preinstall and everything seems to be OK. Using the MCPR for uninstallation the old MC Afee files, I receive the message: "Incomplete unistallation. some or more files may not have been removed succesfully. see logs for more details." Checking the logs it seems that MSC product was not succesfully removed.


      I also cleaned the registries, defragment  using Winferno. The installation process brings the same error.

      Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance!