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    Operations seem to get geeting slower?

      I have noticed that many operations take substantially longer when virus checking is enabled.  For example,

      Dragging a 1 meg zip file from a folder on my disk to an email attachment takes 30 seconds but under 1 second with checking off.

      Building a zip file from 10 megs worth of files takes over a minute but only 10 secs with it off.  

      Microsoft Word comes up in about 1/4 the time.

      Opening folders in windows explorer  have noticable sluggishness but instantaneous with virus check off.

      I did not compare browser functions because of the danger of being unprotected on the internet.


      I understand that it was to do more work when virus check is on but it didn't seem to be this noticible in previous years (I've had this system since 2005).

      I have XP with 3 gigs of RAM and a Pentimum duo running at over 2 Gighz