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    how to recover files in mcafee vault

      because of the update error this weekend, i used that official uninstallation program to uninstalled total protection. As soon as i finished uninstalled, i realized that i had about 30 gigs worth of files in the mcafee vault and now it is gone. is there anyway to recover all of my files that were in the vault?

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          and i just reinstalled total protection and the "Anti-Theft file protection" says it is installed, but when i click on it i get this error messagestupid mcafee.jpg

          the mcafee vault also, of course, is NOT showing up under Computer

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            i'm still hoping there is some way to get it back, like it is just hidden on my harddrive or something, because i had set up a 30gig vault and it is still missing out of my total space. It is not like when it was uninstalled, all that free space came back. It is still being used and/or disappeared/lost. If anyone can be of assistance i will greatly appreciate it. I had all my important files/pictures on my vault.