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    Dashboard like weekly report possible?


      I'd like to setup large summary report that shows "the state of the uinion" on one report, exactly like a dashboard.  But, I'd like to have this dashboard like report emailed out weekly or perhaps monthly to upper management.


      Is something like this possible from within EPO 4.6.3?


      thanks all!

        Mike B

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          I posted something yesterday on my blog. I haven't written the 'email' form of what you want, but I could probably assemble that fairly easily from what's already there. I use the dashboard there to help me guage my customer's ecosystem health at-a-glance. And it allows me to compare large numbers of customers side by side. I welcome feedback on it.

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            Sean Slattery

            You can get close in ePO46 by going to Queries & Reports, checking each of the queries found in your dashboard, and then choosing New Report from Selection under the Actions menu. Youll need to spend a little time customizing the formatting.


            I have can achieve the equivalent of 3 x 2 or 2 x 3 dashboards.



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              Thanks guys!


                Using the reports side of the "queries and reports" is exactly what I need!  Now I'm digging through and getting the "perfect report" together so that management can say "that's not perfect, this is what we really want" then we get to play that game for a bit :-)


              Those reports are very nice, even customizable with our company logo and the works....  *really* nice!



              Mike B